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Hessen Kitchen Systems is a renowned provider of commercial kitchen equipment.

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We Provide You With Every Sort of Equipment

We provide you with every sort of equipment needed to create your culinary delights at an affordable price. Our equipment is the best product for any kind of business. We provide equipment for small-scale enterprises and large-scale enterprises such as restaurants, hotels, etc., and it does not matter if your business is a new or old venture.

We at Hensen Kitchen Systems will provide you with the best service in town and quality equipment. You can never go wrong with employing us to supply your every need. We can also help outfit your kitchen. We are a group of professional individuals who give our best to every project we undertake.

Cooking Equipment

A food business requires the appropriate equipment that is a perfect fit for that particular equipment. Cooking equipment that a specific company may use must fit that business. A food van will not employ cooking equipment that is large and may not fit into the truck, while a restaurant catering to a larger audience may be capable of using huge cooking equipment.

Food Processors

A food processor is a piece of kitchen equipment used to carry out a task in food preparation. A food processor usually runs on electricity. However, it still comes in manual form.

Food processors are used in carrying out more than a single food process. They are capable of performing a multitude of food processes. Food processors are similar to blenders; however, unlike blenders, the food processor does not require adding a little water before it works.

Deep Fryers

A deep fryer is a piece of kitchen equipment used to fry large number of foods in oil. To use the deep fryer, you are expected to heat the oil to the required temperature or heat, then place your food item you wish to fry into the basket in the fryer. Using the deep fryer differs depending on the deep fryer model you are using and the sort of food you are making.

Food Van Trailers

Food van trailers are a fast-growing sector of the foodservice industry. It is a lucrative market that brings various culinary delights to the street. Food van trailers are big. They could be as long as 53 ft and as broad as 8 inches. The size of the food van trailer determines how massive the kitchen space may be.

A food van trailer is a mobile kitchen that you attach to a vehicle and is usually towed from one place to another. The mobile kitchen is generally prominent in size and is used to cater to people at large-scale events.

Restaurant Furniture

Restaurant furniture is necessary to the business; unlike food van trailers, restaurants are expected to have dining or sitting areas where their customers can sit while waiting for their orders from the kitchen. Restaurant furniture provides comfort for your customers and makes the overall dining experience a pleasant one.


Refrigeration is the process by which heat is removed from a particular area to lower the temperature. Refrigeration is essential to the hospitality industry. In the hospitality industry, there are various types of commercial refrigeration equipment being used. We have freezers, beverage coolers, walk-in cold rooms, minibars, beer dispensers, display cases for cakes, reach-ins, walk-in freezers, deep freezers.


A dishwasher is a vital piece of equipment used in the hospitality industry. Businesses in the hospitality industry use many plates and glasses every day, excluding the pans and pots and other cooking materials used to prepare the food. Hence, there is the need for the business to have a dishwasher that takes the burden of having to wash all those dirty wares.

Design and Fitout

Design and fit-out are huge parts of the hospitality industry. It is time-consuming and quite expensive. You may do the design and fit-out personally or outsource the work to the design company.

Equipment Finance

Equipment finance refers to a loan that a business seeks to purchase equipment essential to it. This equipment acts as the collateral for the loan which means that the business owner has permission to continue to use the equipment as long as he repays the loan, or else the finance company may repossess the equipment. Businesses that use one form of physical equipment or the other can apply for equipment finance, including ovens, dishwashers, food processors, grills, computers, cash registers, etc.