Hensen Kitchen Systems

Design & Fitout

Design and fit-out are huge parts of the hospitality industry. It is time-consuming and quite expensive. You may do the design and fit-out personally or outsource the work to the design company.

In planning to design and fit-out a restaurant, one must consider various things, and it is all these that we at Hensen Kitchen Systems task ourselves with. We have skilled personnel who offer the best services and help our clients bring their vision and ideas to life.

We at Hensen Kitchen Systems work with the budget of our customers. We give you quality designs and fit-out while spending within the budget we have been given. It does not matter the budget of the client; we will make it work. Our clients, both those with huge budgets and those with limited budgets, usually receive the first-class service. We give you quality designs and fit-outs that are affordable and, at the same time, aesthetically beautiful. We provide our best work while working with your stipulated budget.

At Hensen Kitchen systems, we understand that the design trends keep changing. Hence, our personnel stays in touch with the ever-changing trends in designs worldwide. We provide you with a design and fit-out that is in tune with what the business is saying.

Most restaurant’s designs and fit-outs always have a theme. The theme is not usually limited to the dining area, even the bathrooms should keep in tune with the overall theme the owner is going for, and the kitchen should also be designed and fitted out in such a way that allows you to maximize your kitchen space, allowing ease of movement to prevent accidents especially during rush hour and is designed in a way that can allow for expansion later on. Although most times, it is primarily the visible area of the restaurants that much consideration is given about the design, such as the lobby, entrance, dining area. Whatever theme you are going for, we at Hensen Kitchen System have got you covered. We will provide you with an encompassing design that gives your restaurant the perfect ambiance.

Our designs and fit-out are designed to give you the best out of your space. Our designs maximize your space and lighting and provide you with great designs and give your restaurant that inviting and welcoming atmosphere. We take great pride in ensuring that every detail is taken care of, from the seats and tables’ arrangement to the type of dishes being served, to how your staff is dressed because everything present should reflect your theme.

In providing you with your dream design and fit-out, we ensure that we follow statutory regulations while designing and doing the layout of your business to make sure your restaurant is looking good and passing any testing by the appropriate authority.