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Deep Fryers

A deep fryer is a piece of kitchen equipment used to fry large number of foods in oil. To use the deep fryer, you are expected to heat the oil to the required temperature or heat, then place your food item you wish to fry into the basket in the fryer. Using the deep fryer differs depending on the deep fryer model you are using and the sort of food you are making.

Types of Deep Fryers

Countertop Fryers: this type of fryer is suitable for businesses that frying is a supplementary activity and not the major one. This type of deep fryer takes up little space in the kitchen; hence those with businesses with small kitchen space may go for the countertop fryer. Countertop fryers also come with filtration systems that help safety-wise.

Floor Fryers: this type of fryer is suitable for restaurants or anyone in the hospitality industry that deals with many people, and frying is an essential part of their services. These fryers may run on electricity or gas, and you will be at liberty to pick which works for you and your kitchen.

Ventless Countertop: this sort of fryer has a filtration system that means that it is possible to use it anywhere without worrying about ventilation.

Drop-in-Fryers: these fryers do not take up space, they fill in space already available in your countertop, and they help with the aesthetic look of your kitchen, as the countertop remains aligned despite the installation of the fryer into the countertop.

We at Hensen kitchen Systems provide you with whatever type of deep fryer you may need to fulfill your needs. Our deep fryers are capable of meeting up to your expectations and can be made to fit in with your kitchen requirements.

Our deep fryers may either be electric or gas-based, depending on your preference. Electric fryers are easier to install than gas-based fryers as they are not attached to gas lines.  Deep fryers powered by gas are expensive to install. Liquid propane tanks or natural gas lines may be used in the running of these fryers. They also heat up relatively fast and can achieve a higher temperature than the electric deep fryers. Although the electric fryer takes longer to heat up, its recovery time within batches of fried food is faster.

Our deep fryers are of the highest quality and are very durable. Deep fryers usually carry out heavy activities. Hence, they need to be maintained. A deep fryer that is well maintained and used with the utmost care will serve its owner for several years.

In carrying out routine maintenance of the deep fryer, filtration and change of cooking oil are of the utmost importance. Regularly filtrating and changing the cooking oil in the deep fryer allows for smoother running of the fryer, extending the fryer’s shelf life. While making use of the deep fryer, particles of the fried food may remain in the fryer after frying, blocking the machine. We at Hensen Kitchen Systems can also provide you with various equipment that may help you with your filtration and oil change, such as filter cartridges, fryer oil stabilizer, fryer oil filtration machine, oil test strips, and monitors, etc.