Hensen Kitchen Systems

Food Van Trailers

Food van trailers are a fast-growing sector of the foodservice industry. It is a lucrative market that brings various culinary delights to the street. Food van trailers are big. They could be as long as 53 ft and as broad as 8 inches. The size of the food van trailer determines how massive the kitchen space may be.

A food van trailer is a mobile kitchen that you attach to a vehicle and is usually towed from one place to another. The mobile kitchen is generally prominent in size and is used to cater to people at large-scale events.

The fact that food van trailers are large means that the owner must decide where to park the trailer or set up shop due to space. The size of the food van trailer will also decide the events you can carry your trailer to. For instance, if you attend a carnival, will there be adequate space for you to park your food van trailer. As regards mobility, the food van trailer faces the problem of being needed to be towed. 

Food van trailers, due to their size, can house large equipment. Hence with a food van trailer, you will have enough space to acquire commercial cooking equipment and employ a whole cooking staff, as it has enough space to house everyone.

Food van trailers are suitable for all-day-long events that do not require moving from one stop to another. Hence, the food van trailer is good with large events, such as weddings, concerts, etc., as the events usually last for long periods.

Since a food van trailer is capable of being outfitted with commercial cooking equipment and can house an entire cooking staff, the trailer is capable of having a full menu and providing full course meals to its customers.

Vehicle problems do not hinder the food van trailer. Hence, if the business owner has issues with the vehicle that tows the mobile kitchen, he may source another car to tow the mobile kitchen pending when the car is fixed up, and as such, the business need not be stalled by the car problems.

Food van trailers are not as expensive as food trucks. They also do not require many repairs and can be used as a sort of mini restaurant. You can park your trailer, set up chairs and tables, and put up umbrellas that give your customers a section where they can relax and enjoy the culinary delights your kitchen offers.

At Hensen Kitchen Systems, we provide our customers with customized food van trailers that meet their specifications and need. Our customers can expect the best mobile kitchen filled with all the best cooking equipment and they are built to last. Our food van trailers are made for their functionality as well as their aesthetic look, we not only provide our customers with food van trailers that meet their requirements, but we also take in the design of the trailer.