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A dishwasher is a vital piece of equipment used in the hospitality industry. Businesses in the hospitality industry use many plates and glasses every day, excluding the pans and pots and other cooking materials used to prepare the food. Hence, there is the need for the business to have a dishwasher that takes the burden of having to wash all those dirty wares.

Commercial dishwashers are necessary. Every business needs a dishwasher that can wash dishes by following safety regulations, ensuring that the customers’ health is considered, and ensuring that they are served with clean dishes.

Types of Commercial Dishwashers

Conveyor Dishwashers (flight type or rack type)

These are large equipment used in large cooking operations, and they usually take up a tremendous amount of space and are capable of washing hundreds of dishes per house. It also has a dryer feature and can help dry out dishes after it has cleaned them.

The conveyor dishwasher may be a flight or rack type, this aids in loading the dishes into the dishwashers. The flight-type dishwasher is capable of washing thousands of plates per hour. They are also the largest type of commercial dishwashers available, while the rack-type dishwasher can wash hundreds of dishes per hour.

Pass-Through or Hood Type Dishwashers

This type of dishwasher usually has a hood that the operator can lift, making it easy for the dish rack to be passed through it. It has two flat surfaces through which dirty plates are passed through to the dish rack and the other through which clean plates are removed from the shelf.

The pass-through or hood type dishwasher has a particular design where you do not need to press any button to start washing because washing commences once the hood is down, and the hood lifts when the washing has ended. This type of dishwasher is very efficient; it saves time and increases productivity. One person may remove the clean dishes off the rack on one side while another feeds in another batch of dirty plates on the other side.

Under Bench or Undercounter Dishwashers

Small restaurants and bars mainly use this type of dishwasher. They are usually placed under the counter and easily fitted, especially in places with little space. The under-counter dishwasher washes faster than your average dishwashers used in homes.

Glass Washers

This type of washer is used to wash glasses. They include wine glasses, pint glasses, shots glasses, champagne flutes, and the various types of glassware you may use in your business.

Pot washers

They are used in washing pots and pans used in the restaurant. They are usually big.

At Hensen Kitchen System, we provide you with the appropriate dishwasher depending on the scale of your business. Our dishwashers are regulation standard and can wash your dishes very well, they also wash dishes fast, while still providing the best service of giving you clean wares. Our dishwashers are affordable, and with every of our equipment, they are built to last if properly maintained.