Hensen Kitchen Systems

Food Processors

A food processor is a piece of kitchen equipment used to carry out a task in food preparation. A food processor usually runs on electricity. However, it still comes in manual form.

Food processors are used in carrying out more than a single food process. They are capable of performing a multitude of food processes. Food processors are similar to blenders; however, unlike blenders, the food processor does not require adding a little water before it works.

Food processors are used for blending, chopping, grating, dicing, and slicing food faster and more efficiently. Food processors are used in kneading baking dough. Food processors reduce prep time for foods, which is necessary when running a business as time is of the essence; you want to serve your customers the best, but still on time so they do not spend the entire time in your establishment hungry and waiting for their orders.

We at Hensen Kitchen Systems provide you with the best quality food processor available, capable of carrying out multiple processes. You may use our food processor to knead the dough required for baking. You may use it to grate nuts and the likes; you may use it to dice and chop vegetables.

Our food processors are not used only for commercial purposes; our smoothie lover may also use our food processors. Our everyday lover of cooking may also purchase our food processors as they are friendly with an easy-to-understand user interface. The fact that our food processor is easy to use does not mean we bypassed quality. Our food processor is of high quality, capable of giving the user the best experience, and is durable, and you will get your money worth from our food processors.

We have various food processors, and they differ in size and functionality. Our customers are allowed to pick the food processor that meets their requirements and which they can afford. We have affordable and capable food processors capable of carrying basic tasks, though they are not capable of kneading dough.

We also have a food processor with a powerful engine used when cooking for a large number. Due to the engine’s power, the processor can process massive amounts of food and grind hard foods. Although our blades are sharp and can cut and dice challenging items, it is expected that after a while, the edges will become blunt. Hence, we also provide new blades for our processors as it is not possible to sharpen the blades. It does not mean our food processor is not of the highest quality; it is just a natural occurrence that sharp objects become dull from constant usage.

Our processors are also easy to clean. The parts are usually detachable, making it easy to wash them. Due to it being run by electricity, we advise that you do not wash the base of the food processor or dip it into water; you may wipe it with water.