Hensen Kitchen Systems


Hensen Kitchen Systems is a renowned provider of commercial kitchen equipment. We provide you with every sort of equipment needed to create your culinary delights at an affordable price. Our equipment is the best product for any kind of business. We provide equipment for small-scale enterprises and large-scale enterprises such as restaurants, hotels, etc., and it does not matter if your business is a new or old venture. We at Hensen Kitchen Systems will provide you with the best service in town and quality equipment. You can never go wrong with employing us to supply your every need.

We can also help outfit your kitchen. We are a group of professional individuals who give our best to every project we undertake. We help you design your space, giving it that look you are seeking, and we provide you with quality furniture to outfit whatever business space you have. We also help in furniture arrangement considering your dining area space and what way to maximize your space and lighting potential.


Hensen Kitchen Systems seeks to provide the best equipment for our clients and to meet their every need while providing the best comprehensive service while they set up their hospitality business. We aim to satisfy our clients beyond their expectations and ensure their continued patronage.


Our vision here at Hensen Kitchen System is to be the leading provider in everything hospitality. We hope to provide quality equipment to help stock our client’s kitchen and provide them with the best no matter their budget. We hope to provide the best designs and fit-outs for our customers to leave them wanting more. We hope to create a space that allows your customers to come back to your restaurant for its serenity. We strive to be the best in our field and expanding our services and reach on a global scale.


To provide quality cooking equipment that is easy to operate and does not endanger whoever uses our equipment. We also hope to provide a kitchen space for you that is safe for our clients. To provide the best service and satisfy all your demands. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading companies in our field distinguished for been providers of quality and affordable equipment.


  • We deal with commercial cooking equipment ranging from ovens, grills, freezers, deep fryers, etc.
  • We provide food van trailers for those who can not undertake a restaurant business.
  • We outfit your kitchens with your cooking equipment while sticking to statutory regulations.
  • We provide designs and fit-outs for your restaurant. Our designs are done by professional personnel with an understanding of the latest trends, and they keep in line with your vision and theme for the design.
  • We provide you with all kinds of furniture for your restaurants. The type of establishment you run does not matter because we have all types of furniture that you may need.
  • We provide equipment finance for those that cannot afford to purchase our commercial cooking equipment.